About Us

The word “Awoulaba” (from the Akan ethnic language of the Ivory Coast) means “Queen of Beauty”.


Explore, celebrate and recognize the intelligence, charm, elegance, and feminine beauty of the woman. Value and respect the condition of the woman’s body in all its forms and stature. Miss Awoulaba pageant also aims to capture the contribution of young women through their leadership, their business sense and their family values.


  • Organize annual beauty pageant for women from all cultural backgrounds considered plus size in vital statistics
  • Rules and regulations of Miss Awoulaba beauty pageant to be outlined in the organization’s by-laws
  • Design/distribute/sale of promotional items related to Miss Awoulaba pageant
  • Miss Awoulaba Pageant to be held annually – Primarily in a city in the province of Ontario or in other cities across Canada and in Quebec
  • Educate contestants on the importance of healthy eating and physical exercise
  • Educate contestants on the dangers of anorexia, bulimia, obesity and on mental health
  • Facilitate forums of discussion on how to improve self esteem among contestants
  • Organize fund raising activities to help cover some of the pageant costs
  • Network/partner with other organizations with similar objectives
  • Network with other “Miss Awoulaba” beauty pageants located outside Canada

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