My name is Dawn Buckskin Chief Moon. I am a first year student at Centre for Indigenous Theatre – CIT. I am 23 years old. I am Blackfoot from the Blood Reserve in southern Alberta. My parents are Roger Chief Moon and Tammy Buckskin. My best friends in the entire world are my 3 siblings Char, Roger and Ben and the love of my life Matthew.  I obtained a diploma in Psychology and Sociology in 2012. I have always been interested in the performing arts since when I took my first drama class in grade 11. My teacher, Ramona Big Head encouraged me to follow my dreams of acting. She is one of my biggest inspirations. I had the honour of acting in one of her plays called The Baker Massacre, which was brought to an off-Broadway festival in New York City. My dream is to become an actress and coming to CIT was the best decision I made to help that dream because it is only going to help me in the long run.

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