I am Antoinette Ankrah born on February 10th in Toronto, Ontario to parents of Ghanaian heritage. As a child, I have struggled with my identity as a Ghanaian-Canadian and with my body image as an African woman. Fortunately, through the years, I have learnt through challenges to be strong and believe in myself. I want to pass on my knowledge to other young women who might be going through similar issues.

I have two passions in life – human rights and music. I studied sociology and criminology at the University of Windsor. I am currently studying music at Voices of Color Studio. I took an exam through The Royal Conservatory of Music and received a first class honours certificate in voice and also received first place awards at several music festivals including the North York Music Festival. I want to use my passion for social justice and music to help change the world. I believe that music is an amazing communicator and a powerful tool to break down social barriers, discrimination, and hatred and my goal is to use my voice to share positivity and love

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