I am Annabelle Lebon, born 13 March 1986 in Mauritius. I’ve been in Canada for almost two years now and I live with my family, including my sister, my two brothers and my mother. Back home I worked as a medical secretary for several years and also with children with health problems. I have now been admitted to Sheridan College in Canada to pursue my studies in Early Childhood Education. Music is my passion. I am a singer in a professional band called ‘Kiltir Nou Zil “and we perform in several festivals including Carassauga, Festival Kompa,  Zouk Ontario, Festival Creole and the festivities for end of year, among others. I am also a member of a choir, “Vie et Lumière” at the Sacred Heart church in Georgetown where I am a volunteer and at Eglise Sainte Famille in Mississauga. I also love to dance and to shop.

Participating in a beauty contest is a great and amazing opportunity for me. I always wanted to take part in a beauty contest but because I am a size 16, I was discouraged to do so as I was always aware of prejudices. But now I am confident that I am beautiful and that beauty is far beyond a svelte body but beauty resides in what the person feels and is.


My motto for this competition is “Wear your curves proudly as you are a healthy, beautiful and feminine woman”.

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